Colour coding of hand pumps in Bangalore,Karnataka

During the process of awareness creation amongst school children, I learnt from a student that there exists a YELLOW COLORED hand-pump in their locality (in Bangalore) which is not used as a regular source of water. During the two days of water problem in Bangalore residents of that locality used that water for drinking and cooking purposes and as a result faced digestive problems.

This raised a curiosity in me to trace out the reason behind YELLOW COLOR coding of that particular hand pump.

I tried searching for the same in websites and found that RED COLORED hand pumps indicate ARSENIC contamination in the aquifer.

In this regard, I would like your guidance regarding the COLOR CODING GUIDELINES available in India and the source from which I can get the detailed information.

Also please let me know the government authority handling the same.

Shilpa is a project engineer working with Water and Environmental Management Group of NGO - Technology Informatics Design Endeavour (TIDE), Malleswaram, Bangalore.

Background of TIDE: TIDE is a not-for-profit organization working towards sustainable development through technological interventions since 1995. TIDE is working in water sector from past four years by implementing rainwater-harvesting system and groundwater recharging. Besides implementing the water conservation projects we are also involved in creating awareness on significance of water.

Requesting for an early response.
Thanks & Regards,
Shilpa S,
Project Engineer,

Water and environmental management group,
Technology Informatics Design Endeavour (TIDE),
No : 19, 9th cross, 6th main,
Bangalore - 560 003.
: 91-80-23315656