Choking soak pit concerns and remedies in Aurangabad, Maharashtra

I am residing at Aurangabad (M.S.). We are four families living together including my parents and we three brothers. There are total 12 members out of which 4 are kids and rest are adults. Since we don't have drainge system, we have to use soak pit. Which is almost 4x5 ft.

- The first soak pit was prepared and it worked for almost 5 years. Thereafter it started choking.

- In the month of July 08 bricks were removed, water drained out and again bricks filled.

- In Aug 08 it again started chocking. So we drained out septic tank by scavenger, removed old bricks from soak pit and filled in new bricks in the same soak pit.

- Now on 22-23 Sept 08 it again started choking.

- Now the plumber is saying that rain water had dripped in septic tank through soak pit.

Please provide advise on appropriate remedies.

Vijay Joshi
17, Urja Nagar, gut No.144,
Satara Parisar, Aurangabad (M.S.)