Can we recharge an old unused well by pumping water from a new well?

Recharging one open well with water from the other
Recharging one open well with water from the other

Dear Sir,

This is Manish Khare, from Madhya Pradesh. I bought a farm land 5 years ago that had an old well. The well was not sufficient to meet our water requirement so we dug another well almost 200 mtr downwards from the old well. Old well is shallow (20 feet deep) and is located at the center of the farm, whereas new well is deep (60 feet) and located at the end of the farm. New well is also next to a seasonal stream of water that surrounds my farm. The new well is generally full during rainy season and water table goes up to 20 feet (to the level of stream). The water goes down with the change in water level in the stream.  

Last year, I dug a sub-surface dyke in stream bed and this year I could see a significant difference in the water lvel in my new well. The water table remained good despite drying up of stream in December-January.

I have deployed a solar water pump in my new well last year. This monsoon, as the pump is not in use, I am utilising it for pumping water from new well to old well directly, hoping that this will recharge ground water through old well and  water level of the well will go up.

My question is whether we can directly recharge the ground water in such manner? The water pumped is as pure (coming from new well) as rain water. We use water from new well for drinking and all other purposes.

Kindly advise.


 Manish Khare