Is "Bottled Water" an ethical Business ?

There are views about this. Let's feel free to talk about the goods & Bads :- Of course rationally !

Let's post views.

It has made me think many times. Look at 2-3 incidences which made me think so ...

  1. Whenever nowadays while travelling, in trains, I am always looking out for "Bottled" Water or so called "Mineral" water. It's Packaged Drinking Water Actually. Point is : Earlier, when there was not much Bottled Water Around; I used to carry my own Water Bottle, get it filled on a Railways provided Tap. Now I can't really dare do that (Unless helpless).
  2. At the same time, as a consultant, I see the water production cost (in OCT 18) is hardly 6.5 Rs per bottle, and it's sold at 20 Rs to the consumer. Such a huge difference ! (Due to distribution)
  3. The cost of producing this Saltless water is not that huge as to when it's packed, costs less than 5 paise per litre. Bottling adds all the loads.
  4. And at last but not the least: the Plastic. Bottled Water doesn't see any other options than PET bottle, as it's the cheapest now compared to all other options.
  5. Is the soil truly so contaminated now, that we can't drink the water like that ? Or it's created ?

Friends, I am confronted with many questions like these. Let's have an open dialogue !

Good Luck.