Borewell pumps muddy water from time to time in Yelahanka, Bangalore - Looking for a permanent solution to get clear water

Hi experts,

I had a borewell dug-up at my residence in Yelahanka, Bangalore for construction purpose on 25/8/2011.
The pump delivers muddy water from time to time, and the level of clarity also changes, most of the time water is clear, now it is beginning of the monsoon in Bangalore and I see that the water is very muddy.

I am not sure if this is a temporary thing? I am looking for permanent solution to get clear water since i will be moving in after completion in few months time.

Details of the borewell and the yield report is given below
Depth of borewell : 412 feet
Depth of 2.5mm M.S 6.5 ” casing : 150 feet
Depth of 10" PVC casing pipe: 94 feet.
Here is how the yield report looks
Diameter of the borewell : 6.5"
Depth of drilling : 412 feet
Casing pipe erected (2.5mm 6.5" MS) : 150.5
Yield at the time of drilling : 4" water (25/08/2011)
Collar & cap : 10
Spring : 0.5" water @ 220 feet
Spring : Silt at 370 feet
Spring : 3.5" Water @ 380 feet
Remarks : Light boulders and silt

Drilling went well, we hit rock at (approx) 150 feet then hit water at 220 feet as mentioned above yield report. The drilling was finally stopped at 412 feet when the driller said he cannot drill further as the water pressure is too much.

I am using a Kirloskar pump KU4-0328. This has a head of 580 feet with 40LPM@128 mts. This is installed at 350Feet depth using 1-1/4 inch Mangalam HDPE Pipe, and 2.5sqmm Finolex cable.