Borewell problems in Satara, Maharashtra - Need solutions to increase the yield

Our case is similar to Sh. Satish Kadam of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra dated 2nd May 2008.

I am from Satara District, (At Post Bamnoli, Tal. Jawali, Dist. Satara, PIN – 415514).  We were drilled borewell on 21st April 2008 for agriculture purpose (1 acre plot and 1 acre about ½ km away).  The water diviner shown the point and assured water at 40 foot and 3 HP electric motor will be operational for 24 Hrs.  In and around (0.5 km radius) no bore well or dug well.

Very next day we started the work.  In between 35 - 40 foot some quantity of water came up (driller told it is 1 inch water).  Then the driller put casing of 43 foot from ground level and we kept the drilling continue.  With the hope to find water we decided to drill more foots. From  40 - 50 foot hard rock started, in between 160 – 165 foot  read soil (~ 1 foot layer) found, further we go up to 300 foot but no water found. Hard rock and only dust is appeared during the drilling.  After 15 days, we checked by putting a rope in well to check the stored water level.  But up to 210 foot there is no water stored.

I would like to know -
•    Due to casing the water found at 35 – 40 foot has blocked?
•    How to release the water, if it is blocked by casing?
•    Shall I go for bore blasting?  How much it will cost?  Is it any expert in our district?
•    Is it water level increases in other seasons (other than summer)?
•    How to utilize this drilled bore or shall I give up?

Madhukar Tarade

Attachment: Utilizing Dry Borewell