Borewell problems encountered

Solution to borewell issues encountered if available

We have an apartment in Rajrajeshwari Nagar Bangalore for which we decided to go for a new Borewell as the exisiting one provided by the builder had gone dry and would not suffice the requirement of 16 flats. This new borewell was dug in March 2012. The well 6" was drilled upto 760 feet and the source was upto 3 " . Till now we had no issues until 2 new borewells were dug near to our apartment. Though our apartments are surrounded densely by bungalows and apartments the reason for this given by our borewell person was that our borewell has got linked to these 2 new borewells (one is about 200 mtrs from our apartment and the other is just behind our apartment but it seems to have affected only our borewell. The problem started after the 1 st borewell was dug in a bungalow about 200mtrs from our place about 2-3 months back 1) Muddy water started coming from the pump into the sump and eventually the pump got jammed and it was removed repaired and fixed. It ran for 2 months without any issue During this period another borewell was dug just behind our Apartment and we encountered further problem 1) The motor was drawing high current and fuse was blowing. Considering that the pump was repaired 2 months back we doubted the motor and to avoid time delay we ordered new 5hp/50 stage motor and decided to keep the existing one as spare after it is removed and repaired 2) For Putting in the new pump and motor when the old pump and motor was removed it was found that both the pump and motor had gone bad. The reason told to us by the borewell person is silt is falling in the well . Inspite of this he has gone ahead and fixed the new motor and pump which did not work even for a day and encountered the same issue of pump and motor going bad,. But this time when they tried to remove the motor and pump it was stuck and we had to fish out the pump and motor and to our luck it came out without much difficulty as it was put only one day before. 3) Then it was decided to put camera and and when that was done we found that silt is coming out and settling down in the bottom of the well and it had covered almost 80 ft of well and hence the pump was getting stuck 4) Then it was decided to avoid the silt was to put slotted pipesof 4.5 inces /125mm 6kg upto the bottom . When this work started and the pipe was lowered to 140feet that is about 20 to 30feet above casing the pipes got stuck and was not going beyond 140 feet. With great difficulty they were able to remove the pipe but again they found something obstructing at 140 feet. so it was decided not to use any more force and to end this abruptly. 5) Now with this new issue the borewell person said that since the motor was going inside and the slotted pipe 4.5"(125mm) is not going he suspected a bulge of casing at 140 feet and suggested that we try drilling using a smaller bit than the casing size and flush it upto 200 feet and see if it solves the problem 6) The next step taken was drilling and again the driiling did not go beyond 130 feet and during this they noticed that lot of mud starting coming out with the force of flushing and that is when they decided to not do anything further and we were told that the borewell is now beyond usage as there is no solution available What i want to know from the experts in the field is that whether the above steps taken to solve the issue has infact complicated it more and is there a solution for it. Since the rains have been good in Bangalore The borewell person is saying we can try using this borewell again during summer time as the water source will go down but will it prevent the silt from falling out and again blocking the motor and pump.Also he is saying because of the silt we may not get clean water as evertime the initial burst of water from the pipe will be muddy. Please advice Thanks, Sandeep