Borewell motor stopped pumping water - Mud found seeping at the end of casing pipe - Is there anyway to repair the borewell?


We dug a borewell upto 700 ft in Bangalore, got rock at 23 ft, borewell is in use for the past 8 months. We would get muddy water whenever it rains for the first few minutes and clear water after that.

Suddenly motor stopped pumping water, while pulling the motor out we noticed that after 23ft there was mud around the pipe, looks like the casing pipe is not placed on the rock properly resulting in mud seeping in during rain. We have constructed the house after digging the borewell, borewell is in parking area and the roof height is around 9 feet. Is there anyway to repair the borewell, since the house is constructed there is no option to dig another borewell, need some help here.

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.