Borewell depth 940 ft, static water at 420 ft and rising less than 200 feet a day - Does this indicate low water yield?


We dug a new 6.5inch borewell of 940 ft depth last week and after a couple of days when we did a camera test we observed static water level at 420 feet (i.e ~520 feet of static water). It seems to be rising by less than 200 feet a day.

Expected yield as per the driller is 1.5 inches. As I understand this relates to about 1.5K liters per hour and therefore at least 20K liters per day. But static water is seen to increase at a much lesser rate. Would appreciate if someone can help me understand how these two facts are related. I am just wondering if observed static water level increase indicates very low yield (lesser than 1.5 inches).