Borewell contamination due to rodent in Visakhapatnam, AP: Need advise regarding water quality.Test report attached

Location: Facor Layout, Ramnagar, Visakhapatnam, AP

In our apartment we have a borewell of 130 ft. and water table is at 30 ft.  A month ago water was contaminated, getting foul (identified as contamination due to dead rodent) smell and lot of foam, we gave the sample for testing and they suggested us to flush out the borewell.  After fushing out we didnt get the smell but foam was still there, but water taste was very good.  We gave water sample for testing and we were told to flush out again and get one more sample.

Finally we were told to use the water (except for drinking) with proper treatment.  Since one week we are treating the water with Bleaching Powder and using. Now the water is clear but we have some doubts about the quality and request your suggestion for treatment other than the Bleaching powder.

Water Test Report

Sai Kumar