Borewell compressor pump question

Dear All,

The yield from our borewell is inconsistent (~600 litres/hour) and it runs dry after about 6-8 hours, after which it needs to recharge, before we can pump water the next day. The situation improves drastically once there are some rains and worsens steadily into summer. We have seen this cycle for the last 3 years.

The existing submersible pump (which was equipped with dry run protection) ran into some problems and I am thinking of installing a compressor pump instead which runs on single phase electricity.

Looking to lift water from the bore at a depth of ~225 feet. Based on discussions with pump suppliers, it looks like a 1.5HP pump should suffice, these have a lift of upto 400 feet.

One question I have is regarding the horizontal flow of both air and water. We typically see references to vertical head, suction head, lifting head etc. in calculations, but horizontal flow is rarely taken into account unless frictional losses are signifcant.

What is the maximum possible distance between the compressor pump and the borewell?

For various reasons (sheltered housing, availability of electrical power etc.), I would like to place the compressor pump about 300 feet away from the bore. Is this distance going to affect the functioning/efficiency of the pump?

Can both the air pipe and water pipe traverse 300 feet horizontally on the ground plus 225 feet vertically and function properly?