Borewell 940 ft, water yeild 1.5 inches, need help with motor capacity


We have a dug a new borewell in our layout and would like further assistance on deciding the next steps. Here are the details:

Depth - 940ft

Yield - Total 1.5 inches (650 ft - 1 inch and 830ft - 0.5 inch)

Distance to the underground sump (from the borewell point) - 250ft (almost flat)

Would appreciate any help in answering the following questions:

1. Is it good enough to pump up the water? If so, What should be the motor capacity (HP & Stages)

2. How many liters per hour of water can I expect?

3. To what depth should I lower the motor? I was recommended to leave 50ft from the bottom (i.e to lower the motor till about 890ft). 

4. Is there any way I can plan for silt before commissioning the borewell?

5. What kind of dry run protections are available?