Bore wells to store rain water

Can we use 2 feet wide 30 ft deep borewells to hold the running rain water across the roads and public drains?


Every time it rains, I see huge rain water gushing through the roads and drains of Bangalore city. The entire water gets wasted as it reaches the sewage and flows out of city as sewage water. If we can stock this running water across the areas, it should recharge the depleting ground water and increase the availability of water in private bore wells which shall decrease the load on the troubled water supply board.

Alternatively, the board can sink borewells to supply treated water in the local vicinity and reduce the load on Cauvery source. I wish to use augur drill at all possible places to ease the drill operation and sustain the tube by inserting a perforated round grid for water percolation and cover the top with a lid to avoid dirt and waste material to enter the bore well. I am looking at 2ft dia x 30ft tube. Can experts on this issue suggest to improve this method or other economical methods to improve the ground water level in Bangalore?

Mahesh Babu