Podcast / April 5, 2022

How do we engage with water as citizens? Ft. Dr. Veena Srinivasan

Show Note

In this episode of Voices For Water, Karthik Nagarajan is joined by Dr. Veena Srinivasan, Lead of the Centre for Social and Environmental Innovation (CSEI) at Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE). Karthik and Dr. Veena discuss the steps that one can take to understand the quality and quantity aspects of the water better, why is it important to invest in waste-water treatment more and how can citizens engage better for their protection? They also talk about why we are not able to take any data-backed decisions to conserve water and where are we lacking in it?

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Voices For Water is a podcast that attempts to answer all these questions - and more. This podcast aims to generate dialogues amongst experts of the sector on topics of relevance and work towards making water everybody's business.

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