What are the essentials which need to be taken care of while accommodating the modern demands of designing and retrofitting our urban space?
The primary objective will be to further water in agriculture and livelihoods around HUL factory sites in selected geographies of 3 states.
A challenge that seeks to support the development of innovative, new sanitation technologies, products, and services.
PMRDFs objective is to the engage young professionals in improving the development programmes and create a ready resource for rural development activities over a long term.
Opportunity to work with a society that aims to promote better environment especially for less privileged, disadvantaged and marginalised groups.
Animals can’t speak for themselves, FIAPO is looking for someone who can speak for them: an outgoing, strong communicator who can be an effective advocate for animals.
UNDP is looking for a dynamic individual to support the ministry in anchoring the social audit component of the MGNREGA.
Requirement for a one year project on bird-strike assessment and management in Mumbai Airport.
A ‘green lifeline’ for our struggling world, With a simple yet significant vision: ‘Greener people, Greener world’!
An objective to establish a network of one-hectare long-term forest monitoring plots at multiple sites across India.
The 2013 International Year on Water Cooperation calls on leaders to bring water to center stage, acting as the basis in which to establish stronger ties between nations, states and communities.
An opportunity to travel, explore, study and write on select themes and their complexities in conservation today.
Tell a funny or the most disgusting bathroom story, the more graphic the better!
A walk in interview to be conducted for various research posts at this internationally acclaimed Institution.
To plan, facilitate implementation and monitor all activities under the Deepshikha-Adolescent Life Skills Project in close coordination with UNICEF and partner NGOs.
An opportunity to work in a DST Sponsored Project Decision Support System for Flood Risk Assessment of Upper Krishna Basin using Remote Sensing and GIS.
An opportunity to work with an organization that provides an enabling environment where communities can access adequate drinking water.
An opportunity to work with an organisation that works comprehensively towards livelihood enhancement of tribal communities by sustainable natural resource management.
Aim is to help utilize geospatial tools and services to improve decision-making related to sustainable mountain development with a special focus on climate adaptation, vulnerability or mitigation.
An opportunity for promising young NGOs to get a chance to benefit from the expertise of an audience that includes jury members and short-listed nominees of the Forbes India Philanthropy Awards.