Volunteering opportunity in a wetlands project near Hampi

This pond and wetland is the first stage of creating a wildlife field station and research center for WildlifeSOS in Ramdurga Valley.

The wetland will be both for habitat and as a safe water source for wildlife. Concurrent with the construction of the wetland will be the design process for the field station and site. Volunteers will assist in both these processes with the primary task of completing construction of the wetlands. Long afternoon breaks and evening's slow relaxation will be time for learning, discussions and wandering conversations. Areas of discussion may include: Permaculture basics (principles, flows, patterns, zonation), site analysis, water, soil, plants and cropping, animals systems, appropriate technology, invisible structures (economic, cultural and social systems), design and local to global sustainability.

Date: 14th to 28th February, 2011

Cost: Rs.5000. Limited scholarships available.

To apply write to Richard@lamafoundation.org

Be part of a real life project that will give an immediate sense of completion and satisfaction that directly benefits wildlife and the local environment.

This will be a warm to hot time of year. The site is very rural India, with Hampi, a UN World Heritage site, as well as a major pilgrim and tourist destination, over an hour away. Accommodation will be a tent and the food basic vegetarian.

WildlifeSOS is an Indian NGO dedicated to wildlife rescue and conservation. They have centers all over India. International Permaculturalist Mr.Richard Rico Zook and his team will lead this project. Mr.Zook has been working in India and Cambodia for seven years on multiple projects and designs. He has taught numerous courses on Permaculture and sustainability for villagers, farmers, NGO workers and foreigners. For more information about Mr. Zook and his work visit www.ricoclime.com

February 14, 2011 12:00AM