Societal Thinking: Pathway to exponential change (Part-1)
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Social problems are large, complex and tend to grow much faster than our individual ability to solve them. Societal Thinking provides a set of values and design principles to reimagine and redesign the core interactions between key actors of society in a way that induces exponential change.

“ Exponential change ~ when every change induces more and rapid changes”

Societal Thinking enables:

  • Radical Inclusion: by reimagining how the key actors of the society (like communities, markets, government, civil society) interact with each other
  • Enhanced Ability to solve: by creating assets & infrastructure that are open & accessible by all
  • Diverse Solutions: by designing spaces that allow everyone to solve in the way that works best for them

Societal Thinking has manifested in a variety of ways to induce exponential change:

  • as blueprints that help governments reimagine the development narrative
  • as reusable building blocks (like legos) that can be used in many different combinations to accelerate the rate of building a solution
  • as Societal Platforms, audacious endeavours (e.g. quality healthcare for all) that accelerates social change at population scale by building open technology, inspiring co-creation and orchestrating ecosystems.

Just as a thousand mice don’t make an elephant, replicating small solutions won’t solve a large problem at scale. For things to work at scale, they need to be designed such that problems get solved – not because of one idea or one ideator, but because it’s easy for diverse actors to come together to solve. Societal Thinking can help design such systems.

Who this course is for:

  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Systems Leaders
  • Design Thinkers
  • Social change leaders
  • Social sector consultants
  • Funder collectives
  • Thought leaders
  • Strategic thinkers
  • Scale thinkers

How to enrol

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