Request for proposal for provision of pure drinking water in Ayurvedgrams in Chhattisgarh-Apply by May 26, 2013


The Directorate of AYUSH, Government of Chhattisgarh has been implementing a scheme called "Ayurvedgram" which focuses on prevention of diseases through promotion of AYUSH and knowledge dissemination among the people on various aspects of prevention of diseases such as hygiene and sanitation etc. In order to supplement these efforts, it is proposed to undertake a pilot project on promotion of safe drinking water in 3 selected Ayurvedgrams.


The objective of the pilot project is to ensure availability of safe drinking water to all families of the Ayurvedgrams and to promote the use of safe drinking water.

Scope of work

There are three different pilot schemes under this project:

Scheme A - Household Model: This is to be implemented in village Bichhiya, block Basna, district Mahasamund which has about 415 families. Under this scheme a low cost device not requiring electricity is to be distributed to all families at a nominal price of Rs 507- per device. The agency will train the families in the use and maintenance of the device. The agency will also be required to provide a "replacement warranty within 7 days of malfunctioning being reported" for at least one year from the date of start of the project [the devices will be distributed to all families on the same day and this date shall be deemed as the project start date].

Scheme B - Community level water filtration / purification plant managed by the community: This scheme is to be implemented in village Tekari, block Abhanpur, district Raipur, having about 515 families. The plant may be run on electricity or an alternative source of energy (e.g. solar power) or without any source of power (e.g. a mechanical device). The water from the plant would be distributed for a fee as may be decided by the community (there may be differential rates for different category of users). The agency will be required to train and empowered the community to manage the water purification system, including maintenance and monitoring of water quality.

Scheme C - Community level water filtration / purification plant managed by a Rural Entrepreneur (from within the village): This scheme is to be implemented in village Nagoi, block Bilha, district Bilaspur. The agency will be required to build a consensus for the scheme and apply a transparent process for selection of the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur will be assisted by the agency in determining the fee-schedule for the supply of water, repair and maintenance of the plant and in keeping accounts of the enterprise.

 Who can apply?

An applicant should be a legal entity-a sole proprietorship/ partnership firm, a company, a trust or a society fulfilling the following conditions:

  1. Atleast 2 years of experience in manufacturing or selling devices or building and operating plants for safe drinking water and should also have an annual average turnover of not less than Rs100 lakh in the last two years 2010-11 and 2011-12 for such activities.
  2. For schemes B and C, the applicant should have atleast 20 plants operational.

For more details of terms of reference, please see the attachment.

Last date: The deadline for submission for the proposal is 5:00 PM, May 26, 2013.

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