Request for Proposal from the Department of Science and Technology

Government of India
Department of Science and Technology


Department of Science and Technology, in an effort to provide safe water for various uses, has launched a programme to find research based technological solutions to address various water related challenges. These challenges include contamination of water with fluoride, arsenic, iron, salts, physical and microbial impurities etc in excess of permitted levels, waste water treatment, rain water harvesting, etc. More details on these challenges as well as on the programme can be found at (The link Technology Mission: War for Water is prominently displayed on Homepage)

Manufacturers of community-based water purification systems to cater to a minimum population of 10,000, rain water harvesting systems, waste water treatment systems, etc., are invited to express their interest to participate in this programme. They may offer appropriate technological solutions, to address different water challenges, including management of reject water, listing their complete profile, such as Name, Address (including Tel/Fax No and Email), Year of inception, Type and capacity of manufacturing facilities, projects implemented with location and capacity of systems installed, annual turn-over during the last 3 years, etc. These details, along with company brochure and other relevant material in support of their claims be furnished with 4 weeks from the date of advertisement to:

Head-Mission Cell (Water and Solar Energy),

Department of Science and Technology,

Technology Bhavan,

New Mehrauli Road,

New Delhi-110016.

Any clarifications regarding expression of Interest may be sought within 2 weeks of the publication from: