Rain water harvesting to recharge bore wells?

WE have a farm in Bangalore North, Hennur Road, with a number of borewells that have been unsuccesful or dried up. About 5 years back we built a dam across a Nalla (Natural erosion)in the farm, to collect rain water. The size of the Nalla is 300x20 ft approx with a water depth of over 7ft in good rainfall time. This year for the first time, thank God, it has not dried up. Now we find a borewell that was dug over 7 years ago,( about 300ft) with water seen at 20ft itself. I would like to know if it would be helpful to dig further in that same spot or try another borewell near the Nalla. The water is used primarily for irrigation. Please let me know if there is someone who can guide us. Thank you Daniel Thomas 0 98440 73437 email: tadann@gmail.com

November 25, 2009 12:00AM