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As a follow up to our second Annual Conference last week, Arghyam is looking for a dynamic individual to join our team and lead our new Urban Water Initiative. We would appreciate it greatly if you, as a friend and well-wisher of Arghyam, could take a few minutes to go over this mail and help us identify the right candidate.

Arghyam is a not-for-profit foundation working in the water sector in India. Arghyam's vision is "Enough water, safe water….always and for all". We take up focused programs that address lack of equitable access to water, in a sustainable manner, amongst all citizens, through partnerships and grants.

Arghyam is launching a new effort in the urban water sector in April 2007. The initiative aims to develop a Practical Framework document for Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) in our urban areas tying together topics like water supply, water quality, urban hydrology, conservation and capacity-building. The Framework document is envisioned as a guide for those who manage urban water at various levels. The Framework document will initially focus on practices relevant for small towns and emphasize simple, practical steps that can be taken to achieve equity and sustainability. It will draw on existing best practices to fill gaps that exist today in IUWM. This framework will be developed through the concerted efforts of a Core Group of urban water experts supported by Arghyam. It will be experimentally validated through pilot experiments in small towns.

We need a Project Manager to take ownership of the Urban Water Initiative at Arghyam and drive all aspects of this project.

The Project Manager duties will include:

  • Manage the entire process of the Framework development by the Core Group; coordinate all the activities - from gathering requirements, prioritization, design, managing schedules, tracking progress, resolving bottlenecks etc.
  • Take the bottom-line responsibility for Arghyam's Urban Water initiative which will include pilot implementations in small towns in the second phase.
  • The Project Manager will need to be able to understand the domain issues that arise, in order to make the right decisions.
  • Coordinate with the larger resource group, other partners and the documentation team.
  • Liaison with NGOs, international agencies, key research institutes and Government officials to forge strategic partnerships going forward.


  • Bachelors in any field from a reputed institution. Masters or other higher qualification is a plus.
  • Strong interest and understanding of the development sector is essential; basic interest in the urban water sector is required but experience is not. 
  • Strong Project Management experience with a proven track record of 5-10 years in executing mid-to-large projects. We are looking for someone with experience as a team lead/manager/project manager from any sector - NGO, corporate or institutional. 
  • Ability to get multiple groups and partners to work towards a common goal. 
  • Excellent analytical, written and oral communication skills required.Some travel required.

Pay will be commensurate with experience

About Us: We are a small, diverse team comprising individuals who have come together sharing the same dream and passion for making a difference to the people of India. The core members have had decades of experience in running projects in the not-for-profit, corporate and Government settings.

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