Post-doctoral research positions: UNESCO-IHE

Forwarded to the Portal by Ewoud Kok, UNESCO-IHE ==== The UNESCO-IHE Partnership Research Fund announces an interdisciplinary post-doctoral research programme to investigate the many challenges of adapting to climate change from different water related perspectives. The programme has identified a number of interrelated research topics and intends to provide 7 post-doctoral research fellowships, each for an estimated duration of 18 months. During this period, the researchers are expected to spend almost 100% of their time on the project. The researchers will work in close collaboration with key staff members of UNESCO-IHE and the partner institutes. All researchers will be based part-time at a partner institute in their home country or another country and part-time at UNESCO-IHE in The Netherlands (generally 4 months). More details here: The UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education is an international institute for water education that was established in 2003. More information at

September 16, 2009 12:00AM