Need help in organising awareness programme - Mumbai Suburbs

Hello Friends ! 

   This is my first post on the board. I compliment the portal team in compiling enormous resources on line .

I am based in Mumbai Suburbs Ghatkopar.  My neighbourhood like the rest of the Mumbai  have been acutely facing water shortage . There is a some what awareness of  Rain water harvesting  but its too cursory. none seem willing to give a serious thought.  IMHO, perhaps if the community can be actively engaged on the merits . The WILLingness to initiate water management projects will hopefully come. 

On behalf of  Association of Public ICT Tools Access provider , a not for profit Organisation , we will be happy to coordinate with experts & other content providers to help build community events. 

ApiAp's role will be in organising event, arranging venue ,  mobilising people, & help make presentations. 

we look forward to learn from people who have held similar events,  Experts will to share practical insights .


please feel free to reach us at email : contact  AT 


Thank you 


Ashish S





July 24, 2010 12:00AM