Krishi Teerth invites applications for training at an ashram on Natueco Farming


Krishi Teerth is an ashram run by Malpani trust, where Amrut Krushi is being practised for the last five years. Currently there is one family permanently residing at the ashram living an agriculture-centred lifestyle. The ashram has seven acres of land where different experiments are being conducted for optimising farm production with zero external inputs. These experiments are specifically beneficial for marginal farmers and small land holders.

The ashram is also a study facility where various people can come, stay, study about different aspects of farming, environmental issues etc. which helps open new vistas of thought and action for them. Training sessions happen from one day to six months. Hundreds of people have attended the program till now and have adopted the learnings from here in their own farm. In future, we wish that the ashram does not remain just a place of study for a few individuals or families, but rather grow into a study facility for a larger mass audience. People who keep a keen interest on natural/environmental issues, and who are interested in living a life of mutual co-existence with eco system at large are invited to the ashram to learn the methods here and also to share their methods and experiences.

Amrut Krishi a farming system/science, is a way of farming, which while incorporating certain good aspects of organic farming, goes much beyond organic farming both in terms of philosophy and science. Some basic practices:

  • The land is not tilled or ploughed
  • No use of pesticides (even organic pesticides)
  • No violence on insect or animals, not even using repellents
  • Efficient utilization of sunlight and water

How to get involved?
Krushi Teerth is open to all nature lovers and people who believe in eco-friendly living. We have some minimum basic principles -

  • People who are coming just as visitors are welcome (no expectations from them)
  • People who want to be trainee volunteers are expected to stay for a minimum one month
  • Apart from training and learning the trainees are expected to do all physical activity connected to the ashram activities
  • The trainees need to finance their own food and stay expenses as follows:
    • 1 month – Rs. 3000
    • 3 months – Rs. 1500 per month
    • 6 months – Rs. 1000 per month
    • 1 year – Rs. 750 per month
  • It is our sincere willingness and effort to reward you for your physical effort and contribution in developing prosperity for the ashram.
  • You are welcome to visit the ashram at your convenience. Please ensure that your arrival has been communicated to the ashram beforehand to ensure your and our convenience.

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Contact details:
Deepak Suchde
Malpani Trust “SHARAN”
At. Bajwada,
Post. Nemawar,
Tal. Khategaon,
Madhya Pradesh 455339.
Mob. 9329570960 Farm. 9302271797


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