Internship project in R&D, Arghyam

The Research and Development initiative of Arghyam looks into water related technique or technologies to explore sustainable and low cost options. We embark on researches to feed the gap of Arghyam’s projects on Rural and Urban water issues. The current focus of R&D initiative is to probe efficient, low cost and sustainable technology for treatment of different types of wastewater at different scales and situations.

The present and upcoming research activities involve both primary and secondary research; desk research includes data compilation on existing technologies, efficiency evaluation etc, and primary research includes assessment of research need in Arghyam’s ongoing projects, testing and verification of suitable technologies, experiments for human excreta reuse and technology innovations.   

Some of the major tasks, which are available for part-time and full-time interns for various durations, are as below:

  • Compilation of learning based on ongoing Ecological Sanitation projects
  • Database preparation for existing grey water management options
  • Evaluation of water testing kits available in market
  • Cost analysis of different waste water treatment technologies
  • Wastewater generation and management status in different villages (Arghyam’s project villages)
  • Study on process and principles of different ecosystem based wastewater treatment technologies

Depending on the availability of time and interest of the interns, a part of any project or the entire project may be assigned. Some fieldworks may involve some travels. The details of each project activity, duration etc will be sent to the interested student.