India-UK Water Centre is inviting proposals for researcher exchanges and science workshop

The India-UK Water Centre is inviting proposals for two activities:

1. Proposals to take part in researcher exchanges in order to spend time exploring new science ideas around on the Centre's themes, building capacity or training in research methods, or exchanging latest findings. These exchanges may either be through 

             Senior Exchange Scheme (PhD. + 8 years research experience)  

             Junior Exchange Scheme ( PhD./ M.Sc. + 3 years relevant research experience).

2. Proposals to convene a science workshop on one of the Centre's themes to: discuss the current state of knowledge in a particular area; identify the future requirements/ideas for joint research and/or; provide training to exchange and further develop scientific skills in water security science.           

Funding and administrative support from the Centre is available to Indian and UK water scientists for these activities which will be held during the period 01 January 2017- 30 June 2017. Applicants must be members of the Open Network of India-UK Water Scientists, which is open to any Indian or UK water scientist to join.

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Further details on the opportunities can be found here

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Post By: Swati Bansal