Hiring a content and community manager for the Water Portal

Job: To manage the content and community on India Water Portal.

List of tasks will be:

  • To assess new sections to start on the Portal based on user requests or gaps in Water Portal coverage. To explore usage of technology tools like elearning, multimedia, GIS, to enhance the usefulness of the Portal.
  • To create a 'virtual community' around the Portal. There are people who are engaged with the Portal and interested in the Portal at various levels of depth, and the challenge is to weave all these people and organisations together into a thriving virtual community
  • To create newsletters for the Portal aimed at different audiences like water practitioners, corporates, citizens etc.
  • To solicit new material for the Water Portal to enhance the coverage of various water issues. To go through material and summarize material that is sent to us to see if it is appropriate for putting up on the Portal
  • To manage the answering service that we have on the Portal (www.indiawaterportal.org/Network/askq/kb) where users can ask questions which we pass on to water practitioners for their answers which we then put back on the Portal

You would get an opportunity to interact with many different people and organisations around the country in the water sector and understand all the facets and dimensions of water.

The requirements will be :

  • Excellent communications skills in English, and 1 or more Indian languages
  • In-depth understanding of water issues, or enough curiosity and aptitude to quickly understand and keep learning about the sector
  • Passion and commitment to make a difference
  • An appreciation of technology tools and their ability to impact typical development sector problems
  • Prior experience or aptitude in the job tasks mentioned

We are interested in a very smart and committed person to work with us in a very stimulating and learning environment. Candidates need to have atleast 5 years of experience and be able to take on responsibilities and execute with limited supervision.

Please mail us at portal@arghyam.org

May 17, 2008 12:00AM