Floods in AP,India - Concept Note to Enable the Flood Affected Communities in Rehabilitation and Disaster Management

'Alliance for 5 Life Sustaining Elements' ( ALSE), is a group of 6 senior NGOs (list  is available in the concept note) who are working in the rural development sector since 2 to 3 decades in Andhra Pradesh, have collectively decided to take up rehabilitation and disaster management in the flood affected villages.


The main objective of ALSE is to restore the livelihood bases of the affected communities and enable them to handle similar disasters with bare minimum damages or losses in future. In view of the severity of the damage, it takes a long time to rehabilitate the communities.


We like to discuss with you on our   concept note and tentative project proposal.


 First of all we request your team to make visit to the flood affected areas and villages ALSE would like to work.


We are attaching the following documents:


1. A draft Copy of the Concept Note to Enable the Flood Affected Communities in Rehabilitation and   Disaster Management 5 districts of Andhra Pradesh.


2. Tentative Project Proposal


3. Information on flood affected villages, communities, etc in Kurnool district.


The following are the contact addresses of the members of ALSE:


K. Khasimpeera, Facilitator for ALSE Team

Cell: 09246867390, Email: masseducation1980@gmail.com

Mr. Murali Krishna, GUIDES, Facilitator for ALSE Team

Cell:9701807090, Email: muralikrishnamks@yahoo.com


Mr. Siva Reddy, CHRD, Facilitator for ALSE Team

mobile: 9440093413,Email: centhrd@gmail.com


Mr.joseph, WCUSS, Facilitator for ALSE Team

mobile:9490197555, wcuss@yahoo.co.in


Mr.Amarnath, GESTs,

Mobile:9866470342, Email: gests2007@yahoo.com

Damodar Reddy, SRED,


October 31, 2009 12:00AM