CDD Society looking for an Executive Coordinator

Position: Executive Coordinator

CDD Society –Organisational Profile: The Consortium for DEWATS Dissemination (CDD) Society is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Bangalore, operating through 2 Regional Coordination Offices at Chennai and Nagpur respectively and a network of about 25 NGO Partners in 8 States across in India.

CDD is engaged in the provision of decentralised basic needs services (DBNS) primarily in the urban sector through the promotion of decentralised solutions in Community Based Sanitation and Slum Development (CBSSD), Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS), Decentralised Solid Waste Management (DESWAM), Decentralised Renewable Energy Systems (DERES), Decentralised Water Supply Systems (DEWASS) and City-wide DBNS Planning. CDD provides technical support services that cover conceptualization, designing, quality control, certification, applied research, optimization and dissemination, developing standard procedures, conducting and coordinating research, training and networking.

CDD’s main focus over the next 2 Project Phases of 3 years each (2009-2011) will focus on capacity building and training towards creating a critical mass of human resources in the DBNS sector.

Qualification: Minimum Bachelors degree, preferred Masters degree in a social development related discipline; a Management degree/diploma would be an added qualification.

Experience/Skills required: At least 10 years experience with a minimum of 3 years in a Senior position handling managerial and program functions.

Desired profile of candidate: Candidate with experience in or of functioning of non-profit organisations would be given preference. The Executive Coordinator should be capable of taking on the functions and responsibilities for the entire CDD Secretariat; knowledge NGO related legislations (FCRA, State and Central legislation/acts, Income Tax, Personnel and relevant tax formalities, Society Registration and so on), will be an important consideration.

Emoluments: Commensurate with qualifications, experience and assessment of capabilities and potential at a personal interview.

Location of posting: CDD Society office in Bangalore

Job description, roles and responsibilities: The tasks, duties and responsibilities of the Executive Coordinator shall be primarily assigned by the President, the Secretary or the Authorized Representative and the Technical Adviser and shall be as follows:

(A) Program and Activity-related:

    * Formulate Program and Activity Plans in coordination with the Management Team, the Technical and other Functional teams, the Technical   Advisor, Consultant/s and Members
    * Coordinate various activities including conceptualisation and the back-stopping support Project Implementation Partners
    * Monitor and ensure proper functioning of Teams to accomplish annual plans of operation
    * Elaborate on concepts, coordinate and guide the designing and implementation of projects and supervise work of the Teams
    * Coordinate training, capacity building, meetings, workshops and seminars for staff and various stakeholders involved in implementation of decentralised basic needs services (DBANS)
    * Support and ensure proper conduct of promotional activities for provision of DBANS to all stakeholders
    * Ensure timely completion of targeted projects
    * Ensure documentation of activities and projects as per terms of various agreements - supervision reports, standard formats, completion reports, drawings, correspondence, fact sheets, agreements and contracts as well as reports required to comply with the donor agreements  and so on
    * Source and follow up on new projects
    * Ensure that Partners are assisted in selection of technical staff as and when required
    * Induct and orient staff as per requirements determined by program specifications
    * Promote CDD involvement in collaborative interventions with Partners, NGOs, relevant Government departments and functionaries to address environmental concerns as well as comply with donor requirements
    * Assign and delegate tasks and work to staff as required
 * Submit on the fifth working day of the month, an overall monthly activity report including ongoing and planned activities

(B) Management/Administration–related:

    * Ensure smooth day-to-day functioning
    * Address Personnel Administration matters
    * Manage all staff including core Engineer staff

(C) Finance Management and Accounting-related:

Overall responsibility for Finance and Accounts matters:

    * Coordinate periodic planning and budgeting
    * Ensure proper control and monitoring of expenditure, accounts and timely audit

The Executive Coordinator shall be responsible overall for:

   1. Maintaining the integrity, credibility, transparency, visibility and reputation of CDD
   2. Growth in volume of projects, resource mobilisation, diversification and financial viability
   3. Professional service delivery.

Assignment and reporting: Reporting to the Executive Coordinator, Technical Adviser and Authorised Representative of CDD Office in Bangalore.

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July 24, 2011 12:00AM