Call to NGOs in South Canara, Karnataka

SPARSH is a new initiative of Engineer – Golden Jubilee Edition which aims at developing a rural region linking it with a team of NGOs and sponsors realizing an economically feasible and sustainable idea. In this effort. the students of National Institute of Technology Karanataka, Surathkal have identified a village called Munda about 7 km from the campus.

Some of the houses have wells which are perennially filled, but the water is saline in the months of February, March, April & May. The salinity decreases only after a heavy rainfall. Some houses are provided with water pipelines which are connected to the bore-wells of a nearby village located at a distance from the sea. But these pipes often remain dry as there are very few bore-wells and the fresh water inflow is very low.

We are keen to associate with organizaions and NGOs who are working in the space of clean and sustainable water technology in this South Canara region, to address these issues.