British Council announces 2010 UK Environment Film Fellowships

Are you a filmmaker who feels strongly about climate change and environment? Here’s your chance to do your bit and be heard.

British Council and the British High Commission invite applications across India for the 2010 UK Environment Film Fellowships (UKEFF).

The eligibility criteria are work experience in filmmaking; originality in research work and topical relevance to theme area; capability to identify and build a team of subject expert/ professionals/institutions to work closely; and deliver a well-researched and high quality short film.

The themes are ‘Climate Change and Cities’, focussing on the various aspects of climate change and how it particularly affects cities in India, and ‘Climate Change and Water’, highlighting issues around this resource.

A filmmaker can submit more than one proposal based on any or both themes.

Four fellowships worth Rs. 8 lakh each will be awarded after selection by a jury.

The films will be launched on World Environment Day — June 5 and will be broadcast on television and later be made available as DVDs to various target audiences as tools / aids to raise awareness.

The last date for entries is November 2

For details, call 42050600 or visit