06 May 2008

Workshop on "Traditional Kattas,Innovations and Varanashi Katta" organised by the Varanashi Research Foundation

05 May 2008

Global fluoride & arsenic contamination map

04 May 2008

CSE report on NREGA

03 May 2008

Musician wins Goldman Environmental Prize for his campaign towards safe water and sanitation in Mozambique

24 April 2008

Spanish drought triggers regional disputes over water

23 April 2008

Paani Peedith: The story of the sufferers of Bhopal gas tragedy

16 April 2008

Bangalore water : An opportunity to get things right, writes Rohini Nilekani

20 March 2008

Virtual Water innovator awarded the 2008 Stockholm Water Prize

15 March 2008

Global Sanitation Fund launched by WSSCC in Geneva,Switzerland
"Water conflict: Panel asks Haryana to restore water supply to Delhi" : Roundup of the water news,15th March,2008

05 March 2008

Round-up of the news on 4th March,2008 :" Water corruption: RGDWM money diverted and misused"

04 March 2008

A round-up of the news for the week ended 3rd March, 2008 : "Urbanisation: Mumbai-Delhi one of the dirtiest"

23 February 2008

Gharial deaths in the Chambal river

19 February 2008

Study says Lake Mead, the USA, could dry up by 2021

12 February 2008

More on the Bangalore disease outbreak-BWSSB sets up a task force
News articles,Feb 12, 2008 : 24 * 7 water pilots in Hubli-Dharwar and Belgaum in Karnataka
Hydropower development in India - A sector assessment

04 February 2008

Schools in Tamil Nadu to get water quality testing kits
Center to 'adopt' some rivers, announces Minister for Water Resources

25 January 2008

"Save Arkavathi River" campaign - Padayatra