26 October 2010

Water conservation - Villagers in Mudhol and Tumkur build water tank on their own

25 October 2010

Managing rainwater : Structure design
Flood affects rice production in Manipur

22 October 2010

3rd Issue of Quarterly River Basin Transact
Revised water policy to factor in impact of climate change : Article in The Hindu

21 October 2010

Now in the pipeline: New national water policy : Article in The Hindu
Gujarat farmers fight against climate change: Adopt technology to conserve resources and maximize benefits
Higher-than-normal temperatures in Ladakh pose a threat to its glaciers and thereby life in the region
South Asia is the world's most climate-vulnerable: India ranks second
India set to be first country to publish 'natural wealth' accounts
India sets up 'green court' to make polluters pay for damages as it steps up its policing of the environmental laws
India to be third largest CO2 emitter by 2015
Conservation body teaming up with businesses in the Western Ghats to help restore the region’s ecology
India: Product developed that can revolutionise in toilet technology and raise standards of personal hygiene in the country
Healthier toilet initiatives in Satara district in Maharashtra lead to 100% success among villages in the district
Plan to use incinerators to tackle sanitary waste in Mumbai
Poor man’s diseases’ rampant in India: Poverty coupled with poor sanitary and hygiene conditions to blame, says the World Health Organisation
Anti-big dam activists in Assam intensify stir to stop the construction of dams on the Bramhaputra river in Arunachal Pradesh
Wildlife Board rejects Sikkim’s hydro project
Maharashtra government approves the sand mining policy: permission from the gramsabha for sand mining and extraction made compulsory for contractors