31 October 2010

Arsenic entering food chain through irrigation in West Bengal
Humans vie with pigs for water, people forced to use water from a toxic stream in Bengal
Two lakh residents in five blocks of South Dinajpur consume water contaminated with fluoride
Groundwater near landfill sites highly contaminated in cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Srinagar, Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad
Dengue cases in Ahmedabad increase 60% this year
After dengue, it's hepatitis in Kanpur as the whole city grapples with insanitary conditions
Troubled Vedanta loses appeal for controversial Orissa refinery: India's Environment Ministry rejects Vedanta's plan to expand the refinery
Hundreds protest against Vedanta aluminium refinery in Orissa
Arunachal Pradesh government’s failure to implement recommendations by the World Bank report leads to controversy over dams and hydropower projects in the state
Assam: Anti dam protests get louder
Water level in reservoirs across India at 74% of full capacity from the 10-year average of 67%
Activists oppose plan to turn Coimbatore wetlands into parks
Comprehensive plan to clean Ganga by 2020
Community leaders in Uttarakhand stress the need to rope in locals in clean Ganga project
Rising polythene pollution in the Ganga: UP government plans to enact specific anti-polythene law in the state
21 Water bodies costing Rs.41cr to be constructed in Dindori District, Bhopal
Sewage chokes Sulur lake Coimbatore
Defunct reservoir to be revived soon in Madurai district
IWRM draft road map finalised for Pampa river, Kerala

30 October 2010

Approach to a new water policy - Responsible, harmonious, just and wise use of water - Ramaswamy Iyer in The Hindu