31 October 2010

Rural women help Himachal fight open defecation
Eco toilets at the Pollutetech 2010 exhibition in IISc draw attention
6 districts in Karnataka achieve near total hygiene standards
Poor sanitation lets super bug thrive in India
Over a million Indians engaged in manual scavenging in India
We didn't chose this life, say scavengers in India
It's short lived rehabilitation for scavengers in Ambala
The Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council (NAC) to monitor abolition of manual scavenging
An unusually hot summer and a delayed monsoon threatens multicoloured coral reefs in Andaman
India pioneers global plan to green economy
Conservation and religion join to save Ganges dolphin
ISRO's help sought for preparing environmental database
Moratorium extended on critically polluted industrial clusters: The environment ministry
Time to focus on freshwater fish, is India listening?
India to serve as hub for imported US water
Students working to bring clean water to Kerala, India
Hand pumps go solar in rural areas in Maharashtra
Green Zones: The drought prone villages in Maharashtra improve following the implementation of the union government's water conservation project
A village in Tamil Nadu looks after its needs by diverting a wild stream to ponds in their village by constructing a small check dam
Orissa becoming a dry State: Asian Development Bank (ADB) says