15 November 2010

India proposes a new emission check system
Call for declaring soil as national resource: Soil Conservation Society of India
Four die as diarrhoea resurfaces in KBK (Kalahandi-Balangir-Koraput) region
Boy dies, 40 ill after drinking polluted water in Mysore
People in Wayanad district in Kerala exposed to water contaminated with endosulphan
Water a more serious issue than energy crisis in India
Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), Mumbai plans to monitor daily water supply in the city
Punjab Chief Minister approves Rs 80 cr project for cleaning of canals
Only 30% of rural population has access to safe drinking water: A government survey reveals
Government working on a water pricing policy to check waste
Food security high on agenda in India summit
27 districts selected to increase production of food grains
Lack of ample Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) hits the irrigation scheme in Pune
Micro-irrigation to beat the monsoon: Equipment introduced by Amitabha Sadangi has helped reduce farmers’ dependence on the monsoon and allowed them to grow 3 crops a year
Rs. 9 lakhs fraud unearthed in rainwater harvesting
Making every raindrop count: Rainwater harvesting in Chennai
Rain water harvesting structures prevent stagnation in Coimbatore city
Chandigarh gets serious about harvesting rainwater
Catchment areas drying up because of intricate land tenure system in Meghalaya
Move for mega dams invites public wrath in Assam