25 December 2010

Ranchi, Bihar to levy Rs 1 for a bucket of tap water
Rs 400-cr interim relief for Maharashtra rain damage sanctioned
Ranchi, Bihar facing severe water crisis due to the bad climatic condition and drought like situation in the region
Expressing anguish over the deteriorating state of rivers in Pune, Magsaysay award winner and water conservationist, Rajendra Singh, stresses on the need to demarcate common properties and removal of encroachments from river areas as the first step
Magsaysay awardee moots policy to save rivers

24 December 2010

Companies manufacturing water purifiers in India fail to adhere to international standards, thus putting the health of consumers at risk, reveals a study
The district administration has directed the city corporation to crack the whip on industrial units, which were siphoning water through legal connections in Mangalore
Ganga changes colour, turns black due to high concentration of carbon particles
Large numbers of dead fish have been found floating in the historical Tajbavadi tank in Bijapur, Maharashtra, raising fears that the water of the well of Adil Shahi times is polluted
India to get world’s 1st climate army

23 December 2010

Hiware Bazar of Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra : Model village for the nation
The journey from the private to the common - Infochange
Challenging the tourism juggernaut - Infochange
Monsoon misery in Tamil Nadu - Frontline
Programme on big dams and their effects held by Dibrugarh University Teachers' Association in Assam
Water table shrinking, High Court bans use of borewells in Gurgaon
Intensified erosion sends shock waves to fisher folk in Tamil Nadu
Toxins in ground water in Bangalore found to be alarming
Bangalore draws a blank on environmental issues

22 December 2010

ESA unveils latest sharpest possible map of world's land cover