29 March 2010

A young star' who works for farmers, propagating SRI and SWI methods, in Bihar

27 March 2010

An innovative way of sharing diminishing groundwater - Andhra Pradesh Drought Adaptation Initiative

03 March 2010

Water' in India-Pakistan talks : Article from The Hindu
Call for entry : 5th International Water Film Festival

08 February 2010

German irrigation technology changing lives of Baiga tribals in Dindori

05 February 2010

Foundation for Ecological Security - Infochange reporting fellowships 2010

04 February 2010

Water harvesting for agriculture in Uttara Kannada

02 February 2010

Vanishing wisdom: Article on decline of traditional chaals in Uttarakhand

25 January 2010

Interesting articles on BBC regarding the Himalayan glacier

18 January 2010

Kerala's paddy war - A food security army swings into action,transplanting rice on 300 acres of land in five days in Ponnamutha
World misled over Himalayan glacier meltdown

10 January 2010

Cold weather conditions back in Kanpur in Bihar: Maximum temperature takes sudden dip, leaves people shivering

08 January 2010

Sanjeev Nair , Operation Flood

18 November 2009

Where Suvarna Jala fails, Chickmagalur schools leap ahead : Farmland RWH Systems shows the way

13 November 2009

Major rain water harvesting programme in Coimbatore
Record harvest of banana through tissue culture in Hosur

07 November 2009

Women farmers in South India ready to beat climate change with organic agriculture

06 November 2009

Farmers voice their concern over impact of climate change in Jaipur

05 November 2009

Mobile phone helps find right price for farmers produce

04 November 2009

Tirupur school students try their hands at recycling waste