29 November 2010

Indian researcher bags UK award for arsenic-free water purification in Bengal
Businesses and environment collide in India
Sunderbans tree-felling goes unchecked
Climate change conference begins today in Cancun
Wildlife experts cheer gharial's return to Hooghly, Kolkata
New Delhi-based Earth Water Group plans water treatment projects in Pune
Groundwater rise threatening East Delhi
63-year-old Sekar Raghavan's mission on rainwater harvesting

28 November 2010

Illegal sand mining on in Karnataka district
Defluoridation units to be set up in as many as 48 villages where the fluoride content is high in Gadag district, Karnataka
Centre to help protect mangroves in Kerala state
Studies on Himalayan caves to help in climate forecast

27 November 2010

Latrine for every household by 2012 in the North East under the Total Sanitation Campaign
15000 Million units power generated from Narmada Valley Development Authority Projects

26 November 2010

Know your water heritage by S. Vishwanath
States and cities asked to formulate the State Sanitation Strategies and City Sanitation Plans under the National Urban Sanitation Policy
Oil spill in Hooghly river threatening marine life warn activists in Calcutta
Lake Panel’s report on water quality index shows that 39 of 86 lakes are highly polluted in Bangalore city, Karnataka
Rain harvesting trend on the rise in Mizoram
Scientists develop rice that can grow in high saline condition