04 November 2010

Indian farmers pool groundwater to protect against drought - Reuters Alertnet

03 November 2010

The real danger lurking in the water - Talk by Romulus Whitaker at TED India 2009
Marked drop in waterborne diseases in many villages in Karnataka
New national water policy needs to induce efficiency - Article from Business Economics
Tips for preventing cholera outbreak - Making drinking and cooking water safe - Fact sheet from Hesperian

02 November 2010

The woman who walks on water : Stories from the Narmada Bachao Andolan
Loo and behold : Nirmal Gram Puraskar for Satara district

31 October 2010

India: Land of many cell phones, but fewer toilets
Rural women help Himachal fight open defecation
Eco toilets at the Pollutetech 2010 exhibition in IISc draw attention
6 districts in Karnataka achieve near total hygiene standards
Poor sanitation lets super bug thrive in India
Over a million Indians engaged in manual scavenging in India
We didn't chose this life, say scavengers in India
It's short lived rehabilitation for scavengers in Ambala
The Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council (NAC) to monitor abolition of manual scavenging
An unusually hot summer and a delayed monsoon threatens multicoloured coral reefs in Andaman
India pioneers global plan to green economy
Conservation and religion join to save Ganges dolphin
ISRO's help sought for preparing environmental database