18 November 2010

Leh cloudburst investigation report suggests that the cloudburst evolved in a deep humid layer of flow from the northwest capped by relatively cold and dry flow from the east and southeast

17 November 2010

"Water and Development - Forging green communities for watersheds" - A book review in The Hindu
The World Toilet Day, India will launch for a new Rural Toilet Design. FINISH, an Indian-Dutch consortium comprising banks, insurance companies and NGOs from the two countries, is launching an “innovation contest”
Come 19th Nov, the World Toilet Day, India will launch for a new Rural Toilet Design. FINISH, an Indian-Dutch consortium comprising banks, insurance companies and NGOs from the two countries
That the Mithi river, literally the mother of all nullahs in Mumbai, is a foul-smelling black stream snaking its way below the railway tracks at Mahim is now old hat, notwithstanding the few hundred crores being spent on its revival
While civic agencies jostle with each other to restore the 13-km-long Mithi, the city’s infamous river-turned-dump, a closer look revealed an alarmingly different picture
A new report says India could be 2 degrees Celsius (3.8 F) warmer than 1970s levels within 20 years - a change that would disrupt rain cycles and wreak havoc on the country's agriculture and freshwater supplies, experts said Wednesday
A report assessing the impact of climate change in India in the 2030s projects an increase in temperature and precipitation in the four climate-sensitive Himalayas, the Western Ghats, the coastal belt and the North-eastern regions of the country
Incessant rains continued in Puducherry and its suburbs for the second successive day. Official sources said the Union Territory recorded around 3.5 cm rainfall in the last 24 hours ending 8.30 AM today
Incessant showers from Tuesday morning made life hell in congested and low-lying areas of the city and complaints of waterlogging and sewage blocks poured in several localities throughout the day
According to preliminary estimates from 19 district administrations, crops on nearly 1.5 lakh hectares of land have been damaged due to the untimely heavy rains across the state in the last few days

16 November 2010

More than 300 commercial units in Madhya Pradesh are causing pollution by emitting harmful air and water effluents beyond the permissible limits, the State Pollution Control Board has said
The annual temperature in some parts of India is set to rise by 1.7 degree Celsius-2.2 degree Celsius (with 1970s as base year) by the year 2030, affecting the four sectors, namely, water, forest, health and agriculture
India's key sectors like water, forest, health and agriculture will be affected in a major way due to the increase in net temperature by 1.7- 2.2 degree celsius in another 20 years in the four climate hotspots
Changing climatic conditions will have a mixed impact on Indian agriculture, while the country faces threat from rising sea-levels and temperatures, increased flooding and severe drought by 2030, said an Environment Ministry report
The Plan panel on Sunday said the government is likely to come out with a new water policy within 3-4 months to tackle scarcity of the natural resource, and may levy new charges on consumers for sewerage treatment
The state government has accepted the concept of WAT-SAN ( Water-Sanitation) proposed by Bahraich district magistrate Rigzin Samphel. WAT-SAN, a unique pyramid shaped handpump, can provide safe drinking water to those marooned during floods
Malaria threat looms large over North East

15 November 2010

How dams and irrigation canals killed Kerala s traditional kulams - An Infochange article