20 December 2010

Use, treat, reuse water, that is the way forward - Interview with AN Yellappa in Daily News and Analysis
Human excreta may help secure future food security, says Soil Association study - ABC News
Future of mining in India - Economic Times
A 73-year-old , from Ranchi, who saves rainwater and jungles - Indian Express
Step-well architecture, a classic example of fusion of designs in Gujarat - Daily News and Analysis
Climate-smart agriculture to eradicate world hunger: FAO - The Hindu
Taking stock of Cancun - The Hindu
Small farmers hold big key to solving global warming - Times of India
Which water purifier is right for you? - A primer from Rediff
Visual treat on Vembanad Lake - An exhibition organised by ATREE at Alappuzha
Linking rivers can lead to destruction of essential geographical character of the rivers and should be opposed, says Magsaysay awardee
More than a thousand manual scavengers quit the inhuman practice in the last ten years
Agra Residents fight against plastic pollution in the city
At 28, Maharashtra has most polluted rivers in the country

19 December 2010

Slum dwellers in Mumbai rely on ration shops for water

18 December 2010

Sterlite industries blamed for unlawful deforestation in Chhattisgarh
The Centre allocates Rs.350 crore for a National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture to address the impact of climate change on agriculture and allied sectors
Water samples in Mumbai, Maharashtra found to have high levels of bacteria causing gastric and eye infections as well as skin rashes

17 December 2010

Global and regional statistics - Key water related issues - Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)
China to provide flood data of Sutlej river to India