12 August 2010

Former deputy speaker and Akali leader Bir Devinder Singh said on Wednesday the mechanism to deal with a possible flood situation should be checked in advance in the wake of rising levels of reservoirs of the Bhakra Dam in Nangal
The minister for medical education, Mr P. Sudarshan Reddy, said that the state government would take a policy decision on release of water from Singur reservoir to the Nizamsagar project soon
The Bhakra-Beas Management Board has sounded its intent to increase the discharge of water following continuing rainfall leading to unacceptably high levels in its reservoirs
Good rains mean a good agricultural crop for Kerala. “There were substantial rains over the high and midlands which promises a good agricultural crop this rainy season
The government will draw from the successful conservation methods followed by other countries to draw up a water management policy for the country battling growing water crisis in both rural and urban areas
With the targeted kharif sowing area almost completed and around 70 per cent of the average annual rain already drenching Gujarat, the state is expecting to reap a rich harvest of crops in about 85 lakh hectares area, or even break all previous records
With concerns being raised over the adverse effects of the Lower Subansiri hydroelectric project in Assam, Environment and Forests Minsiter Jairam Ramesh Thursday indicated that it may not be scrapped
Kharif sowing in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have progressed in contrasting forms this season
If drought was the problem for Andhra Pradesh farmers last year, this year, there can be no complaint on that count. But the recent heavy rains that is being witnessed of late is surely a source of worry
“Farm sector crucial for overall growth”; “Farm growth must go up to ensure food security; “Double farm growth rate to ensure food security” — these are some of the headlines in the press in recent weeks
Jalayagnam, the Congress government's most ambitious project till date and touted to provide a major boost to the irrigation sector, has thrown up facts that belie the claims of bringing more land under cultivation
Ground water is found in a variety of geological formations. Physiographic and geomorphologic settings are among the important factors that control the occurrence and distribution of ground water
To increase efficiency in water usage and reduce excessive dependence on monsoon for agriculture, scientists in India have developed indigenous, cost-effective rubber dams from rubber fabric composite sheet for watersheds
Though some farmers cultivating fields located on either side of the Godavari river along its course suffered inundation of crops due to the floods

11 August 2010

The need for more private farm players
Amid a summer of heat, regional flooding, and separatist protests across Indian-controlled Kashmir, one of the unlikely grievances mentioned by rock-throwing youth is water
India is negotiating with the international community over China's plans to construct a dam across the Brahmaputra in Tibet, Arunachal Pradesh Power Minister Jabron Gamlin said here Wednesday
There is no conclusive evidence to attribute all observed weather and climate variability to the increased concentrations of Green House Gases (GHGs) and associated global warming and their projections to the future
A central team of experts from the Agriculture Ministry, sent by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is assessing the drought situation in 28 rain deficient districts in Bihar
Ground water depletion is seriously threatening paddy cultivation in about two-thirds of the 57 lakh hectares on which the staple is cultivated in West Bengal