01 September 2010

Bhatsa, which supplies 60 per cent of Mumbai's water, is 95 per cent full. The Irrigation Department has decided it will not allow it to fill any more as that could lead to flooding in neighbouring villages and pose a threat to the Bhatsa dam wall
The heavy rains in the state during August have brought in good inflow in the major irrigation dams in the state. The dams which had just 36 percent water till August 2 now have, as on September 1,68 percent water in the dams

31 August 2010

Due to heavy rains in the catchment, the hill streams that feed Subbareddysagar a medium irrigation project in Prattipadu assembly constituency are in spate submerging, nearly ten villages

27 August 2010

Government decides to scrap NTPC hydel project on Bhagirathi river

26 August 2010

Ten more people died and thousands were affected as flood waters inundated low lying areas following incessant rains in north India on Thursday

22 August 2010

Engineering failures cause of Pakistan floods? - Article from Dawn
Lessons from the field — Rainwater harvesting in India - National Geographic
National Geographic water footprint calculator - Every drop counts !

21 August 2010

Make every drop count in New Delhi: Financial Express

19 August 2010

The commune of roots - Farmers sharing, learning and reaping
Opening up defecation: Article from The Hoot

18 August 2010

Alaska city set to ship water to India, U.S. company announces

17 August 2010

Q&A: Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson connecting aid and water online at
Freshwater jewels - An article from Sanctuary Asia
The depth of our collective history has countless stories, including some that we have yet to find the ending to. These mysteries have been puzzling scholars for years and many still remain unsolved

16 August 2010

India's groundwater challenge: Civil Society Magazine
When all else fails, catch raindrops: How an ex-lecturer from Udipi district turned around the land - India Together

15 August 2010

Clean drinking water is often very difficult for people in some parts of India to obtain. In response, Operation Blessing International has been in the country drilling water wells

14 August 2010

A butterfly, as chaos theory guru Edward Lorenz once pointed out, could flap its tiny wings and change weather patterns for ever. Yet we are so accustomed to the invariability of our climate
McNally Bharat Engineering Co. Ltd is looking to acquire firms in Western Europe that provide technology for removal of salinity, minerals and other impurities from water