29 December 2010

The Mahanadi Banchao Andolan in Orissa raises voice against the diversion of water to industries and alleged illegalities in land acquisition
No new infrastructure projects will be allowed in the high erosion coastal zones in the country
Ministry of Environment and coal in tussle over mines in no-go zones
A comprehensive plan to free the Ganga from pollution chalked out by the Bihar goverment by 2020
Scheme on development of community based fisheries and water bodies introduced in Nagaland
In order to check the rampant misuse of groundwater reserve in Punjab and Haryana, the local administration directed to stop usage of groundwater for any other activity, but drinking and domestic use
Ministry of environment and forests identifies critically endangered species
Study proposed on the impact of extraction of stones and sand on aquatic life in Kashmir

28 December 2010

1500 villages selected, 1200 drinking water schemes sanctioned in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Post-epidemic, safe drinking water ensured for all the villages in Orissa
Three proposed hydroelectric projects in Sikkim opposed by an organisation of Bhutias and Lepchas on religious and environmental grounds
Large scale illegal sand-mining rampant at Kadalundy estuary in Kerala, posing a threat to the bird sanctuary
Reviving rivers can stave off water crisis in Bangalore city, Karnataka
Several areas in North and Central Delhi face severe water shortage after two major treatment plants in the city were closed down following high-quantity of ammonia in the Yamuna river
Studying arsenic concentration in drinking water using GIS - An article from Geospatial World

27 December 2010

India comes together for farmers - An Article on the Kisan Swaraj Yatra by
Documentary on mining mafia in Bellary belt produced by Paranjoy Thakurta and CSE
Runoffs from agriculture fields, contaminated with pesticides as well as insecticidal chemicals, have been identified as a major pollutants of water in the state of Orissa, besides industries
Heavy rains fuel 30% rise in groundwater in Delhi
The state of Andhra Pradesh reported to have lost Rs 1,207 crore due to rains