06 September 2010

More than one month is left for monsoon to end, but water level in Ukai dam has already touched the rule level
Incessant rains in north interior Karnataka for the last two weeks have increased the water levels in Krishna basin reservoirs
Nearly a dozen villages in Punjab's Ropar district were flooded as the overflowing Satluj river breached its banks near Laudipur village

05 September 2010

"Mother Nature has always provided us enough water" - An interview with Anupam Mishra
Crops like paddy, sugarcane, cotton, banana and others in nearly 40,000 acres were inundated as several rivulets, streams and tanks overflowed with incessant rains lashing the district
The incessant rains that lashed the district brought huge inflows into the irrigation projects, tanks and minor irrigation tanks on Saturday
With huge inflows adding to the present reserves, the state government on Saturday let off water from the Nagarjunasagar dam on Saturday
Heavy rains lashed Delhi overnight leading to water logging at several places and throwing traffic out of gear, even as weather department said that monsoon is not likely to abate soon
Revival of the monsoon since last week has increased the water level of various irrigation dams in Western Maharashtra, particularly in Kolhapur, Sangli and Satara distircts
More water was released from the Bhakra Dam into the Satluj river Sunday as its spillways were opened to maintain the water level in the reservoir

04 September 2010

The water level in the reservoir of the Bhakra Dam on the Sutlej river is inching towards the 1,680-foot maximum storage mark but officials Saturday discounted immediate threat of floods in Punjab

02 September 2010

With 90 of the 130 dams in Saurashtra overflowing, the regional flood control office in Rajkot has put nearly 1,500 villages located in the downstream of these reservoirs on high alert, fearing flood
Nearly 900 people have been evacuated from the low-lying areas submerged under water due to torrential rain in Gujarat's Saurashtra region, officials said
Several areas in the city reported waterlogging after heavy showers lashed some parts of the city on Wednesday. With construction activity being carried out in various parts of the city, the waterlogging resulted in traffic jams in many areas

01 September 2010

Fellows Friday with Sunita Nadhamuni: Interview with TED
Heavy rainfall in the last few days and its resultant overflow of reservoirs, canals, drains, streams claimed three lives, marooned nearly 1,000 families and inundated paddy fields in thousands of hectares of land in the East and West Godavari districts
Even as water from Ukai Dam is being released daily to prevent any recurrence of the 2006 floods, residents fear the worst. Surat city is rife with rumours of a deluge and many have started hoarding essentials
Heavy rains in the state during August have brought good inflow in major irrigation dams in the state. The dams which had just 36 percent as on September 1 have 68 per cent water in the dams
The city received 15.6 mm rainfall during the 12-hour period from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm on Tuesday. The current weather conditions are likely to be continued for the next 24 hours, said the India Meteorological Department (IMD)
Four days of continuous rainfall have brought in good tidings for Mumbai. Two of the city's water reservoirs that were yet to reach their optimum level have now risen to the brim