05 January 2011

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi starts Facebook page for monitoring sanitation work
Scientists observe massive rise in extreme weather events in India
10,000 Himalayan glaciers showing signs of retreat

04 January 2011

Suffocated by sacredness: India's holy Yamuna river stifled by pollution
Nanotechnology holds the key to clean water and detecting ailments, say experts at the 98th Indian Science Congress
Watershed programme gives new lease of life for Ayalur farmers in Erode, Tamil Nadu
Efforts at creating water sources in hills start paying dividends, several percolation ponds fill up, water table rises in irrigation wells in Vellore, Tamil Nadu
Harmful effluents being pushed into Gulf of Khambhat, Gujarat
River-linking sets off protests in Gujarat and Maharashtra
Illegal mining rampant in Bellary, Karnataka since 25 yrs
The fast rising water industry in the country is expected to attract investments of around Rs 50,000-crore from Indian and foreign companies

03 January 2011

"Save Our Rivers" exhibition organised by Regional Science Centre Tirupati, to draw attention to factors that endanger the existence of rivers
Bureau of Water Efficiency : Warding off the water woes
Dam Safety Bill 2010 may have some critical flaws - The Telegraph
Enslaved by tradition: The manual scavengers of Vidisha,Madhya Pradesh
Going forward from Cancun - The Hindu

02 January 2011

Himachal Pradesh snow may help meet water needs of the people in the state
A study has revealed that more than 30 per cent people in Bangalore are consuming non-potable or chemically contaminated water, putting their health at risk

01 January 2011

44% of Gujarat coast eroding, the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) suspects coral bleaching along the state's coastline
Vegetation loss transforms Bangalore and reduces groundwater table