17 May 2011

17 lakh litres of rainwater conserved through rainwater harvesting - Case study of RV College of Engineering, Bangalore from the work of Biome Environmental Solutions - Article from Clean India Journal
Liquidity crunch - Water might well irrigate the seeds of conflict its scarcity is sowing - Article from Outlook magazine
Hunger for more, or more of hunger : Incessant grabbing of productive farmland for more industry is a recipe for disaster
PHED identifies 586 villages in Ajmer district, Rajasthan as water-crisis zone
Nuclear Power Corporation of India sets up a committee to undertake comprehensive studies on marine ecology and bio-diversity in the 10 kilometre area around the Jaitapur site: The studies plan to allay concerns over the impact of the nuclear power park
Hindustan Unilever’s new initiative India Water Body to address water scarcity: 50 billion litres of water to be saved
Parents complain that private schools in Pune lack basic facilities of drinking water and sanitation
BMC to conserve rainwater and underground water for non-potable purpose in the civic headquarters in Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai
Srigandhada Kaval lake in Bangalore once served the drinking water needs is now choking due to encroachers: Recent study reveals of the 6.33 acre area 1.28 acres have been encroached
The Lake Protection Committee of the HMDA inspects protected lakes of Hyderabad and finds encroachments: The ‘Full-Tank Level’ pillars of these lakes have been dismantled by encroachers and huge structures raised

16 May 2011

Coastal communities' - Special issue of Agenda - The quarterly magazine of Infochange - April 2010
Karnataka government sets up high level committee to clear encroachment and revive Arkavathy river: This will result in increase water inflow to Thippagondanahalli reservoir
Madhya Pradesh government’s water conservation campaign, will now have district wise budgets and targets: The campaign aims to construct new water structures and renovate old ones and to make ground level work more effective
The Supreme Court directs the Madhya Pradesh government to allot land to the oustees affected by acquisition of land for the Omkareshwar dam: This is in accordance with the provisions of the relief and rehabilitation policy

15 May 2011

Experts suggest mixing brackish water with fresh water to tide over Delhi's increasing need for drinking water
In Delhi, over half the 900 waterbodies encroached: Government to set up Waterbodies Authority to restore and maintain lakes and wetlands in the city

14 May 2011

JSWSM states Jharkhand government to hand over water testing laboratories to private parties: Reason maintenance of the water labs
Delay in modernisation of Bhadra canal near Lakkavalli of Shimoga district denies water to crops: 10,000 to 15,000 hectares of land downstream deprived of water

13 May 2011

Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation near Pune to install generator for Nigdi water purification plant: To ensure supply of water is not affected during power failures
Karnataka government scheme to provide sufficient water to Dakshina Kannada and Udupi district: Aim of the project is the maximum utilisation of available water resources from 13 rivers in the coastal districts