31 December 2010

Western Maharashtra to gain from water verdict
Mumbai loses over 1,500 million litres of water from the lakes to evaporation daily
Despite closure notices, several industrial units continue to operate in Mahad tehsil of Raigad district, Maharashtra, polluting river and wells
Around 60% (by volume) of the iron ore production in Goa carried out in terrain below the groundwater table

30 December 2010

Water to be costlier in Haryana: Rates for drinking water, water for bulk industrial use and for supply to other states hiked in the state
Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to map groundwater resources in Mumbai city
Gujarat pegs losses due to unseasonal rains at Rs4,375 cr
Krishna tribunal apportions river water among three riparian states
The Krishna water dispute tribunal: Andhra gets maximum share
Jana Jagriti, an NGO in Assam working on the Brahmaputra diversion issue, raises concerns over China’s swift-pace construction activities around the Great Bend and the Lhasa portion of the river
The Vilappil grama panchayats cries for the closure of the waste treatment plant at Vilappilsala, sheds light on the pathetic plight of dying Meenampalli river in Trivandrum, Kerala
Effluents suck life out of Ennore Creek in Tamil Nadu
Annual mining damage to Goa Rs 548 crore

29 December 2010

The Mahanadi Banchao Andolan in Orissa raises voice against the diversion of water to industries and alleged illegalities in land acquisition
No new infrastructure projects will be allowed in the high erosion coastal zones in the country
Ministry of Environment and coal in tussle over mines in no-go zones
A comprehensive plan to free the Ganga from pollution chalked out by the Bihar goverment by 2020
Scheme on development of community based fisheries and water bodies introduced in Nagaland
In order to check the rampant misuse of groundwater reserve in Punjab and Haryana, the local administration directed to stop usage of groundwater for any other activity, but drinking and domestic use
Ministry of environment and forests identifies critically endangered species