21 March 2011

Millennium Development Goals: India has a long way to go - Mainstream Weekly
No integrated strategy for agriculture and food security - Prof MS Swaminathan's views on the Union Budget 2011-12
Every drop counts - Look where the world stands as it celebrates Water Day on March 22 - Down to Earth poster
Himalayan climate change summit conducted on 13 March 2011 at New Delhi - Update from NECEER
Electronic card to provide information on safe sources of water to user: Project begun by Centre for Water Research Development and Management (CWRDM) in Kunnamangalam in Kerala
Karnataka government bans eucalyptus and acacia plantations on forest land: Such monocultures blamed for water table depletion
Centre Ground Water Board (CGWB) making plans for rainwater harvesting in Uttar Pradesh: Open grounds and play grounds in city to have harvesting structures to increase groundwater
Full reservoirs do not mean water in taps for Pune: Illegal connections and 20% wastage leaves city with insufficient water
Exporters in Karnataka selling iron ore from unlicensed dealers to be penalised: State exchequer to get back Rs. 600 crores by levying penalty on 57 lakh tonnes of ore bought from unregistered dealers
CPCB's report on Environmental Information Systems on GIS platform talks of strengthening the air/water quality monitoring network

20 March 2011

Bioremediation ensures clean water - Analog forestry and organic farming - A presentation from the South Asia Conference on "Outstanding Organic Agriculture Techniques", Bangalore organised by OFAI (2009)
Jairam Ramesh acknowledges current Environment Impact Analysis (EIA) is flawed: Recognises need for cumulative environmental impact analysis especially for coastal projects
Construction of dam that would displace 100 tribal families and submerge 365 hectares stopped by tribals
Dumping of waste in wetlands causes fire: Activists demand wetland be handed over to forest department after waste dumped by Chennai Corporation into Pallikaranai marsh ignites
Rainwater harvesting to be made mandatory in Bangalore: BWSSB to facilitate construction of such structures through bank loans

19 March 2011

Engineering students design portable water purification system: System built on a cycle and uses rotary motion of wheel to pump water through a filter
Delhi government looking at all options to meet demand for water: Water harvesting, recycling and water privatisation are alternatives being proposed

18 March 2011

World Water Day 2011 - Joint rainwater harvesting statement released by the IRHA, IRCSA and the ARCSA
Cat on a hot tin roof - Our life and future is tied in with the decisions of the environment ministry
Rob Harmon: How the market can keep streams flowing - TED Talk