03 February 2011

Bellandur lake, Bangalore, desperately seeking revival - Citizen Matters
Scars of the Green revolution - India Together
In a blow to conservation efforts, of the 629 water bodies identified by government agencies in Delhi, as many as 232 cannot be revived because of the increasing rate of urbanisation
The Punjab government makes testing for heavy metals and uranium mandatory for boring a tubewell
The Remote Sensing Applications Centre (RSAC) completes the GIS mapping of wetlands in Uttar Pradesh: The state forest department identifies wetlands covering an area of over 11 lakh hectares and makes management plans based on its aquatic attributes
Study finds that more than half of the schools in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, supply unhygenic drinking water to students: No difference found between public and private schools
The official crackdown on all dyeing and bleaching units along the banks of Noyyal river in the textile hub of Tirupur in Tamil Nadu begins: Power supply to two dyeing units disconnected
Alarming fall in the water table level in Punjab leads to over extraction and exploitation of groundwater as farmers reluctant to reduce area under paddy cultivation
Despite having as many as 831 wetlands, the state of Gujarat does not have a single Ramsar certified site
Investments of Rs 35,000 Crore already made in power sector in no-go areas say Coal Ministry, Prime Minister asks MOEF to take another look at decision of 'no-go' areas and Comprehensive Environment Pollution Index (CEPI)
74% of world's forest cover distributed between India, China, Australia, Indonesia and Myanmar according to a recent FAO report: The role of India in adding 300,000 hectares of forest every year highlighted in the report
The Jammu and Kashmir state government issues bills for water usage to all hydel projects operating in the state as per the Jammu & Kashmir's Water Resources Act 2010
Water supplied in NOIDA, suburb of Delhi, found to be unfit for drinking: the water found to be eight times harder than the permissible limit for drinking water

02 February 2011

The bio-diversity rich Northeast accounts for almost 5 per cent of the wetlands in the country: The first ever atlas of the wetlands of the region released
The sprawling Chopaidong beel, a wetland on the outskirts of Guwahati in the Northeast, on the verge of vanishing because of lack of conservation efforts
Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has come up with new technology to reduce load on Sewage Treatment Plant: Called In-situ Bio-remediation technology it involves enzymatic activities along drains

01 February 2011

New scientific farming technique , SRI, launched in Bihar
Agriculture in crisis: A failed harvest
Rice revolution in East Timor - SRI helps farmers maximise yield
Cartography: Possibilities and issues in contemporary mapping - Geospatial World