28 January 2011

Noyyal River flowing through Coimbatore district and into the Kaveri turns into a huge drain: industries and cities dump effluents and wastes along its path polluting the water and creating a health risk
Cabinet gives nod to first-ever forest policy in Jammu and Kashmir
Water conservation steps in Haryana includes 90% subsidy for drip irrigation
Though new CRZ may permit construction near coast, old violators cannot benefit from it: Existing violations can lead to demolition of structures
Highways through national parks, reserves and forest are a threat to wildlife
200 km Konkan coastline to have 15 thermal power plants: Combined environmental impact assessment of all plants will give true picture of environmental costs, say environmentalists

27 January 2011

15 full reservoirs in Tamil Nadu promise a good agricultural harvest
Five more tanneries to be closed down in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh to prevent further pollution of the Ganga
Endosulfan linked to environment degradation, health and economic downturn of people in Kasargod: the culprit, the Plantation Corporation of Kerala does not offer relief
Panchayat in foothills of Western Ghats saves elephant corridor by resolving not to convert agricultural land into building layouts
Jairam Ramesh reveals that MOEF reviewing environmental laws: Pressure from big business behind this move
Expert group on methodology for estimation of poverty reviewed various arguments advanced in favour of redefining the poverty line and came to the conclusion that some changes are necessary

26 January 2011

90% of wells in Panjim, Goa polluted: this is because the distance between septic tank and wells or ground water tanks less than the minimum 20 metres limit
City sanitation rankings place Mangalore eighth among all cleanest cities in India: The city however, lags behind dismally in solid waste management, with scores of 57.34 out of 100 in city sanitation rankings

25 January 2011

Eco activists demand ban on bauxite mining in Shevaroyan Hills in Tamil Nadu
Maharashtra government's Rs 1,600 crore Regional Water Supply project declared as a failure as nearly 80 per cent of the schemes initiated through it have been unsuccessful
CPCB, TN pollution board differ on the environmental performance of Sterlite's Tuticorin smelter plant in Tamil Nadu: Shutdown demand based on company not meeting environmental standards
The residents of the Padagli village affected by the construction of the Tehri dam, accuse the governmental rehabilitation officials of neglect and misguidance

24 January 2011

New Delhi residents take the lead in reducing dependency on freshwater and begin recycling wastewater from kitchens: 2000 litres of water obtained daily, used in salvaging community parks

23 January 2011

Rivers for sale in Chattisgarh: industries compete with agriculture to take control of water