02 April 2011

Pulicat lake conservation to protect migratory birds, takes away jobs from fishermen and farmers living on its shores: Blame is also put on security for Space Centre near Pulicat lake
Anna Nagar constituency of Chennai wants remedy to water logging woes from electoral candidates
Water and water management to be key electoral issue in Dibrugarh constituency
Indore and surrounding areas declared water scarce regions for next three months: Water table has declined and around 355 hand pumps were found dead
Hindu ascetics march to Delhi to save Yamuna: Demand release of fresh water into the river to save it
Farmers take out rally from Allahabad to Delhi to highlight river pollution: CPCB says that 70% of pollution in river is because of human excrement
Northern Karnataka reels under water scarcity: Even districts like Bagalkot with rivers flowing through it struggle for water
Orissa NGO Mahanadi Banchao Andolan demands industries stop consuming ground water as it is being used for drinking and irrigation: Petition made to government to amend all MoU's with industries
Illegal sand mining finds new way to carry on business: Miners use pipes to suck sand from river bed
Central Karnataka groundwater contaminated by fluoride: 80 of the 107 villages in Jagalur taluk in Karnataka has high fluoride content

01 April 2011

Bangalore's water table is fast depleting: Increase in population, commercialisation and urbanisation causes for 135% to 130% exploitation
Maharashtra state water and sanitation department has been able to provide water to only 469 out of the approximately 8,787 primary and Anganwadi schools: However government claims 85% have access to water
Chandigarh Water Supply By-Laws 2011 approved by the Union Territory: Water rates to be increased by 15% for residential areas: Institutions and commercial users also to pay more
Kanchipuram electorate promise vote to the candidate who can install a sewerage system in town and improve water supply
Gomti polluted by cities through which it passes say participants of Gomti Yatra: Lucknow a major polluter
Orissa government moves to Supreme Court against MoEF for not giving environmental clearance to Vedanta to mine in Niyamgiri hills
Local Urban Body in Himachal Pradesh has a successful water management plan: PWGI has representatives from different government departments and has been instrumental in protecting local springs and supplying water to residents
Ministry of Water Resources releases water storage data on 81 large reservoirs: Combined live storage of these reservoirs was 14% of their designed capacity pre-monsoon
Attempts by Fishery department to convert the historical Jaysagar tank of Assam into a fishery tank draws ire from State Directorate of Archaeology: The tank is a window to ancient hydrological techniques like nagabondha
Water starved Bokaro to provide water to thirsty Adra because Dwarakeshwar River has dried up: Water to be transported by train