08 September 2011

Central Government constitutes Water Quality Assessment Authority (WQAA) under Environment (Protection) Act (1986), to advise on issues relating to minimum flows in rivers to conserve the ecosystem
National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) conducts a study on economic impact of interlinking of rivers programme: Conclusions of the study reveal various benefits
Water samples from a number of localities in Ludhiana, Punjab found to be unsafe for drinking: Samples sent to the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) microbiology department, for testing
Indore city, Madhya Pradesh, braces to face malaria menace after onslaught of rain: A high number of positive cases of malaria vivax and falciparum detected
Integrated Coastal and Marine Area Management - Project Directorate takes note of the recent oil spills, chemical leaks and pollution along the Mumbai coast
Fish landing centre being set up in Threspuram, a coastal hamlet in Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu: This facility being developed across the state for hygienic handling of fish
Municipal Corporation in Chandigarh, Punjab to introduce supply of tertiary treated water to all parks in the city: This is in an effort to save wastage of potable water
Orissa Government sounds flood alert in several districts of the state: Heavy rain causes rise in water levels of major rivers such as Baitarani, Brahmani, Kathajodi, Subarnarekha, Budhabalanga and Jalaka
"Timely crop management, the mantra for success", says Chandra Sekhar Azad of Vijayawada, AP
The Bihar Revival Forum (BRF) proposes that the annual floods in Bihar can be controlled by constructing a 400-km long and 1-km wide canal south of Indo-Nepal border to store excess water discharged by rivers
Paddy sowing adopted by more and more farmers in Punjab to save time, labour and money
A learning opportunity for Kottakarai villagers and permaculture supporters around the world

07 September 2011

Go organic, become self-sufficient - Health and wealth in the villages of Anantapur district
Restoration of water bodies finds place on the Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) agenda: Stakeholders meet organised to discuss restoration and development of water bodies
Phase II of the Adyar river clean-up in Chennai to be undertaken: De-silting and strengthening of embankments to be a part of the restoration project
Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and the State Irrigation Department to mark floodlines of Mula and Mutha rivers to demarcate river area and facilitate disaster management
Continuous monitoring of river pollution by the Central and State Pollution Control Boards indicates that not one of the four major rivers namely Sabarmati, Mahi, Tapi and Narmada in Gujarat are fit for bathing
Depression in Arabian Sea causes sudden weather change in the Saurashtra-Kutch region in Gujarat: Two dead and 1000 boats stranded
People of nearly 60 villages in Bolpur district in West Bengal are drinking contaminated water: Test on water samples from tube-wells shows germs of enteric and other epidemic diseases
Andhra Pradesh to promote the system of rice intensification to cover lost ground