27 July 2008

A water pump for the people of Africa

25 July 2008

Aqua Foundation:2nd World Aqua Congress,2008 in New Delhi

23 July 2008

Whitman Direct Action's Water Book available online

22 July 2008

The polluted Ganges:Industrialisation and improper sewage treatment plants,the culprit

17 July 2008

IRFT's training programme on monitoring and evaluation of development projects in Bangalore

06 July 2008

Who puts a price on water ? Questions regarding the sale and purpose of water rights

19 June 2008

NDTV: India's environmentalist

18 June 2008

Acumen Fund announces new water portfolio investments
"Bridging divides for water" : The theme of the 5th World Water Forum hosted by Turkey

15 June 2008

Water resources information system gets Government nod

14 June 2008

Interactive State of Environment Atlas of India by Developement Alternatives

04 June 2008

National Urban Water & Sanitation Awards for the town of Kulgaon-Badlapur,Mumbai

03 June 2008

Effects of nitrogen release : Dead zones in coastal regions

24 May 2008

"Drinking water: Protests in Salem" : Water news , 23rd May 2008

21 May 2008

CNN-IBN's first ever environment survey on June 5

18 May 2008

Sampoorna Swacchata Abhiyan in Jalilpur,Varanasi : Ensures toilet for every house

12 May 2008

Dr Ritesh Arya:Pioneering drilling wells at high altitudes

09 May 2008

Rivers and conflicts : Sovereign nations use military muscle to enforce their claims on shared water resources

06 May 2008

Study on social movements on water in India by SOPPECOM,Pune
Workshop on "Traditional Kattas,Innovations and Varanashi Katta" organised by the Varanashi Research Foundation